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In the murky worlds of international espionage and terrorism, multiple layers of secrecy, subterfuge, and treachery are not the exception. They are the rule.

A routine mission develops into a complex international plot involving murder, espionage, kidnapping, conspiracy, and romance. Gordon, an indefatigable bloodhound, calls on his innate shrewdness, as well as his secret Mossad past and training, to ferret out the truth. In this intelligence thriller, attorney Haggai Carmon, an insider, weaves an ingenious plot. The Byzantine, subterranean methods by which rogue states – in this case the theocracy of Iran – seek to acquire nuclear materials are illuminated. If you want to understand how the CIA and the Mossad work, alone and together, you’ll get no better picture than the one told in this compulsively readable intelligence thriller.

Among their sinister plots, corruption, intrigue, power-hungry rogue governments, manipulative terrorists of the worst kind, and Dan Gordon faces constant threats to his own life. An Israeli Mossad veteran and now investigating attorney Dan Gordon acts worldwide for the CIA and U.S. Department of Justice to hunt bad guys; foil their clandestine designs if he can; and bring them to justice one way or, if not, another.

As an ace spy the U.S. intelligence community has to respect his results. But Gordon is no team player. He’s an indefatigable lone wolf, never safe from hostile moves even by those he should be able to trust. Little wonder that Gordon must watch his back from “friend” and foe alike.He must sleep with one eye open – Always.

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