Press and Praise

Press and Praise

“Haggai Carmon’s Triple Identity: An Intelligence Thriller sports all the intrigue and plot machinations you’d expect from an author with professional ties to the Department of Justice.”

– The Washington Post

“This book is terrific. Great characters, settings, and superb trade knowledge. I am eager to buy the first sequel.”

– Jim Guy Tucker, Former Governor of Arkansas

“I find his book fascinating and as close to the truth as you could possibly do without infringing on confidentiality and issues of national security…The only complaint I have about this book is that [we had] only one copy [–]so I had a tug-of-war with (my wife) every night, she finished it first, but I finished it a day after, because when you start the book, you don’t want to keep it down, and read all through; it’s a fascinating story, and in the end, I cannot attest, and he can attest, whether it was true or not.”

– Daniel Ayalon, Ambassador of Israel to the United States

“[H]is books are very professional, I learned a lot from reading them, I think its unusual and unique to read first-hand account that are written in such an authentic way. And [Carmon is] an expert story teller as well, so I think they all come together beautifully.”

– David Epstein, former Director, Office of Foreign Litigation, U.S. Department of Justice

“In “Triple Identity” first time novelist Haggai Carmon gives Israel a spy worthy of James Bond….Told in the first person, much of “Triple Identity” reads like a hard-boiled detective novel, and Dan Gordon is as much Philip Marlowe as Jack Ryan. He ticks off lines that one can easily imagine being spoken by Humphrey Bogart, like this description of a fierce German bank manager. “She seemed so regimented that I was sure that when she walked into a room, mice jumped on chairs.”

– The Jewish Chronicle

“A fast-paced, compelling whodunnit . . . a worthy page-turner for spending a day at the beach.”

– New Jersey Jewish News

“Carmon gives you the feeling that he is letting you in on the spy’s tricks of the trade….It’s an exciting ride.”

– Hadassah Magazine

“The novel is terrific [the] characters are gripping and well defined. I felt myself on the road again with FBI agents. It is a truly classic piece of spy novel fiction! … I urge you to buy it, read it, and enjoy it. It will be your best read this summer, I can assure you.”
– Hon. James J. Brown, a U.S. Federal Administrative Law Judge

“Riveting, full of imagination, unusual characters and fantastic events. It is remarkable that you have found time, in a daily life so full of important and significant activities, to write a story with a complicated plot that is mostly inherited from your own life experiences, and from ours as well.”

– Shimon Peres, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, former Prime Minister, Defense Minister and Foreign Minister of Israel.

An impressively authentic debut thriller . . . A credible premise and a cast of twisted characters, from CIA and Mossad agents to the really bad guys . . . A bestseller in Israel, the novel includes an appreciative foreword by an anonymous former member of Mossad’s directorate.

– Publishers Weekly

“From the moment I began reading this extraordinary book, I could not put it down. Haggai Carmon takes us beyond the main plot and leads us on to several subplots, each as riveting and the principal one. A multi-layered thriller such as Triple Identity ignited my imagination, and I could actually envision Dan Gordon in action. I believe that the novel also serves a good cause, by alerting the world to the relentless efforts by rogue nations to arm themselves with weapons of mass destruction. As Israel’s former Minister of Homeland Security, and mayor of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, I could identify some of Carmon’s descriptions of Dan Gordon’s adventures as very real, although Carmon in the introduction vehemently denies any resemblance. A must read for anyone who likes to be riveted by an outstanding thriller.”

– Roni Milo, former Minister of Homeland Security of Israel and Mayor of Tel Aviv

This book is addictive! It has the realism and detail of a Tom Clancy book (how on earth does he know all this?), with the fast pace plot movement of a Vince Flynn (the book moves very fast!). I am busy studying, but find that I keep stopping so that I can read just one more chapter of this book.

– Jennifer Anderton (5 stars out of 5 stars, reviewer

“In a thriller grounded in reality and simplicity, the plot revolves around a missing person who has apparently atleast three identities. Different groups of people, agencies are after this person for various reasons. Additional details of the plot is not provided in this review, for obvious reasons. The most remarkable component of the writing style and plot development is the narration of the plot through events and characters that are grounded in reality. Mixing fact and fiction throughout the novel amplifies that characteristic of the writing style. You will get all the thrill of a “Bourne”-type novel without losing touch with reality. A good read. This is author’s first book and is a worthy effort. One will have to eagerly await his second book on bioterrorism.”

– Sreeram Ramakrishnan (5 stars out of 5 stars), reviewer

“A very good read. One or two of the incidents sounded familiar to me. [He] certainly knows [his] Mossad tradecraft and culture…[It] all sounded like [the author] was in [his] element.

– Former Top CIA Officer

“I enjoyed Triple Identity immensely. I’m an international businessman who has spent a lot of time overseas, some in the same locales that Carmon uses as background, so that made the book even more fun for me. But overall I found it fast-paced, entertaining and extremely readable — unlike so many first novels I have read. In fact, despite recent eye surgery I found myself continually wanting to get back to the book to see what was going to happen next — even tho I could only read in short doses. I look forward to following future adventures of Dan Gordon and his friends.”

– Herman M. (4 stars out of 5 stars), reviewer

“An exquisite example that you can write a good thriller without burdening the plot with exaggerations, where the secret agent is just an ordinary guy. Triple Identity exceeds the normal expectations of a spy thriller, without breaking the boundaries of the genre; exquisite proof that you can build tension and interest without being blown into wild exaggerations. The novel is also fine proof that even in less-liked genres, sometimes you can find a book that is just fun to read. Never say never.”

– Ha-eer (a Tel Aviv paper similar to New York’s Village Voice)

Carmon “has managed to surprise even my skeptical mind with his seamless weaving of fact and fiction that has left me wondering which is which. . . . Dan Gordon’s maneuvering tactics, self-motivation, and deceitful manners fit the profile of a successful undercover agent.”

– Anonymous (Former member of Mossad’s Directorate)

“…he shows an unusual familiarity with the gritty reality of intel ops and the novel has the feel and smell of authenticity. A number of tradecraft surprises too. Carmon is an Israeli born international attorney who has been representing the U.S. Department of Justice in its Israeli litigation since 1985. He has also been assigned by several federal agencies to asset recovery and legal intelligence gathering outside the US in complex, multimillion dollar cases, involving money laundering, which has required sensitive investigative work in more than thirty foreign countries. Explains how he came by some of the realism of this fine novel. The link between money laundering and terrorism forms the basis of Carmon’s two upcoming novels, “The Red Syndrome” and “Chameleon.” We’re look forward to them.”
– THE INTELLIGENCER, Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies.

“When the bulky manuscript [for Triple Identity] arrived, I glanced at its first page, the first sentence – and read straight through to the very last word. . . . [W]hat about that twisting plot, those interlaced subplots, incident after curious incident?…Did these spring from Haggai’s cases? From cases that others handled? From Haggai’s innovative and inventive mind? Haggai says that they’re fiction. He certainly should know. So, fiction they are. But as far as my experience goes, they nonetheless ring true. I’d say that they could have happened.”

– Sarah McKee, former Department of Justice general counsel for the INTERPOL – U.S. National Central Bureau

Carmon “molds into his first novel his professional experience and builds a rhythmic and captivating thriller that combines motifs favored by John Grisham with smooth nonchalant language.”

– Yedioth Acharonot (Israel’s largest newspaper)

The three letters above summarize the intensity and ferociousness with which this book leapt out at me, as I read it within 48 hours. I’ve read my fair share of Grisham, Cussler and Brown (but everyone’s read Brown), and out of all of these, Triple Identity was by far the most enjoyable.
Set to the background of the first Cold War and the collapse of Soviet Russia, Triple Identity is an experience worth going through. Lovers of spy novels, thrillers and casual readers alike will enjoy the complexity of Carmon’s multiple-layered plots and the games his characters play.
In short, buy this book. Right now.”

– Alexey M.K. ( reviewer)

“I met Attorney Carmon in New York City on the June 4, 2005. The foreword of this book is by a secret former head of the Mossad. This book is a best seller in Israel, and given his background and contacts (I MEAN REAL CONTACTS, PEOPLE), this is as close you will get to a non fiction book and mystery, but still remain in the fiction category. Carmon (sounds like Gordon, doesn’t it) has worked closely with intelligence agencies around the world. You get my drift, right? A former director of the Mossad wrote that Carmon “has managed to surprise even my skeptical mind with his seamless weaving of fact and fiction that has left me wondering which is which. He found the gentle balance between the dull plodding image and the peaks of ingenuity that makes this story so riveting. . . . Dan Gordon’s maneuvering tactics, self-motivation, and deceitful manners fit the profile of a successful undercover agent.”

– and, The Hot Beach Read For July

“I enjoyed Triple Identity tremendously. In particular, I liked the many details that make
the story believable and authentic. It reminded me of the early works of Fredrick
Forsyth and John Le Carre. At the same time, the book is refreshingly different from other
works in this genre of spy thrillers. Very original. Bravo!”

– Prof. Edi Karni, Professor of Economics, Johns Hopkins University

“I just finished reading Triple Identity and…I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a retired IRS CID Special Agent and [the] narrative brings back memories of so many experiences.

– Former IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent

“This is a fairly fast paced thriller about money laundering
featuring likable investigative attorney, Dan Gordon, who
is also a former Israeli Mossad agent.The scope of the story is international and involves some
fairly clever and intriguing characters and plot turns. I recommend it to those who are looking for a thinking person’s
thriller which challenges you to keep up with the action and
figure out whodunit. ”

– Winstanley ( reviewer, 5/5)

“Tom Clancy meets Vince Flynn! This book is addictive! It has the realism and detail of a Tom Clancy book (how on earth does he know all this?), with the fast pace plot movement of a Vince Flynn (the book moves very fast!). I am busy studying, but find that I keep stopping so that I can read just one more chapter of this book.”

— Jennifer Anderton, reviewer

“I had a long sleepless night, during which I loved every moment, when I read Triple Identity. It is so consuming and realistic, makes you feel you participate in an international espionage scheme.”

– Paul Najeeb, reviewer